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Learning Technologies

At NC State, Distance Education courses are offered and supported using various delivery formats. Some courses utilize more than one delivery format. The majority of courses are delivered via technologies such as the Internet or webcasting. Students with access to the appropriate technology may access these courses from their homes or other locations. Such courses make use of asynchronous scheduling, which means that students do not have to access them at specified times. Occasionally a course may require visits to campus (or a remote location) for assignments or exams.

The course delivery mode for each course is indicated on the course details page. To find the course details page for your course, go to Courses; find your course listed under its semester or summer session and department; click on the title of the course to retrieve the course details page.


The fastest-growing segment of NC State's Distance Education courses is our Internet courses, also called online or Web-based courses. Many Internet courses now include lecture videos and other media previously available via DVD or CD. Using online communication tools, students in these courses interact extensively with both the instructor and their peers. Assignments are most commonly submitted via email, fax or online, and tests are often administered via a proctor at a site convenient to the student or as a take-home exam. NC State provides a robust learning environment for online courses through learning management systems (LMS) including Moodle and WolfWare Classic and through tools such as WebAssign and Blackboard Collaborate.

Sample of a DE Internet course I

PLEASE NOTE: If you have trouble viewing this example, please refer to our troubleshooting tips and requirements.

Sample of a DE Internet course II

PLEASE NOTE: All Distance Education courses are identified with section numbers of 601 or higher. Some campus courses, labeled "Web-based," are offered online, but are not considered Distance Education courses. These campus internet courses have section numbers of 599 or lower.

NC-REN/Interactive Video-Conferencing

Interactive Video-Conferencing (IVC) connects two or more classrooms, in real time, through video technology. Learners and instructors can see and communicate with one another even though the classrooms are located far apart.

More about our IVC classrooms


Some NC State Distance Education programs are offered in face-to-face, site-based format at locations remote from the NC State campus. Usually participation in such courses requires admission to a cohort of students, all of whom complete the same program together during the same time frame. These courses require attendance at exact dates and times.

In addition, please review our Basic Computer Requirements and Skills.


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Check out our FAQs for answers to our most common questions! If you wish to speak to someone directly, please contact the Distance Education office at (919) 515-9030 or toll-free at (866) 467-8283.